Important Information About Aviation And Cheap Flight Tickets Terms And Charter

As TourBeds Global, we have prepared some terms used in Airline and Aviation to facilitate your Flight Ticket Sales. You can find some of them below.

What Do You Call A Cheap Flight Ticket To Any City?

Low cost airline is a term used for low-cost airline companies that make cheap flight ticket to any city or airport possible by minimizing expense items.

What Does Full Charter Mean?

These businesses, called charter or non-scheduled airlines, assume operational responsibility by selling all of the aircraft's seats (full charter) or a certain number of seats (split charter) to tour companies or tourism agencies; they do not have direct dealings with the passengers.

What Is A Ghost Plane Ticket?

These are flights carried out according to the plans of aviation companies on certain routes, without any passenger pickup. Companies perform ghost flights in order not to lose their slot rights on a certain route, in accordance with the agreements they make.

How Many Months In Advance Should A Flight Ticket Be Purchased?

Research shows that the flight ticket price may be more affordable if you buy your flight ticket 3 weeks to 4 months before your travel. Although it varies depending on the destination, flight tickets purchased at the last minute or just before public holidays tend to be higher priced.

Economy Class (Cheap Flight Tickets): (Class E, C, Y)

1 - Cheap Flight Tickets or economy Class seat is usually the most affordable option.
2 - Seats are usually more closely spaced and may offer less legroom.
3 - Basic in-flight services are offered: food, beverages, entertainment options.
4 - Baggage allowance may be limited.

Premium Economy Class Flight Tickets:

1 - Premium economy class offers more comfort than economy class.
2 - Provides wider seats and more leg room.
3 - While benefits such as a special boarding pass queue and extended baggage allowance are offered, improved food and beverage options and better in-flight entertainment options are better.

Business Class Flight Tickets (Class B, C):

1 - It offers wider and more comfortable seats, even reclining seats.
2 - Offers privileges such as private check-in, airport lounge access, priority security and boarding pass queue.
3 - Special dining options and extensive in-flight entertainment options are offered.
4 - It is possible to switch to bed mode to ensure rest on long-distance flights.

First Class Flight Tickets:

1 - It offers the highest level of luxury and comfort.
2 - Usually contains special cabinets or compartments.
3 - It offers large and fully reclining beds.
4 - Many special privileges are offered, such as personal service options, special meals and drinks, and airport priorities.

Suite (Private Suite) Flight Tickets:

Some airlines may offer special suites for ultra-luxury flights.
It may include features such as a private bedroom, living area, and bathroom.
Personal service and private areas are offered.

Airline companies may differentiate these classes depending on factors such as flight distance, route, market conditions and competition. Flight class selection is determined by your travel purpose, budget and comfort preferences. Each class has its own advantages and differences, so careful consideration is recommended before making your choice.

Are Flight Number And PNR The Same?

The reservation code (PNR) is a 6-digit code consisting of letters and numbers. You must use your reservation code when checking in online. Flight number: A flight number is a number that identifies a flight bound for a specific date and route.

How To Learn PNR Code?

This code, which consists of letters and numbers given to you for a ticket, is also called a reservation number. You need to keep this code in an easily accessible place after purchasing your flight ticket. The PNR code containing your personal information about your flight will be sent to you via e-mail and SMS when you purchase your ticket.
To learn the PNR code, all you have to do is save the SMS or look at the relevant section on the digital file sent by e-mail.

How Can I Find Cheap Flight Tickets To The Desired Airport?

To find cheap flight tickets to the airport you want, simply go to the Flight section on TourBeds.com and enter the direction and date you want, the system will show you the flight ticket that best suits you.

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