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TOURBEDS GLOBAL B2B System has the best planning and programming departments with its professional team to achieve good results by using advanced and quality applications in travel fields.
TourBeds Global Portal contains Flight tickets for all scheduled flights and charter flights, hotel reservation and airport transfer services.

Membership in TourBeds Global Online B2B System

Being a member and user of the TOURBEDS Global B2B System is valid for every company that has an Agency Owner and Tourism License. To apply for Membership, simply go to the Agency Registration section and enter the required information.

Why is a document request necessary?
1- Proof of the Agency's Tourism Certificate
2- By sending the requested documents from your company e-mail address, it is prevented that anyone else can apply as a user on your behalf.

How Many Types of Payment Are There in the Agency B2B System?

When you want to make a Flight Ticket, Hotel reservation or Airport Transfer Reservation for your customers, the last step to ensure the reservation is to pay the reservation fee.

Payment can be made in two types:
1- Payment by Credit Card
2- Payment by Current Account (Payment by Deposit)

Payment by Credit Card in B2B Portal

The first payment method for the reservation made is by Credit Card. You can use Company Credit Card or Customer credit card for this type of payment. It is to complete the transaction with a credit card without having to use your current account in the system.
When you pay by customer credit card, the agency commission you added is loaded to your current account. You can either use it for future reservations, or if you want cash, we can issue a commission invoice and transfer it to your company account.

Payment with Current Account in B2B Portal (Payment with Deposit)

When you want to complete the reservation and make the payment, other payment method is Payment from Current Account. Sometimes the customer does not have a credit card or chooses to pay in cash due to insufficient credit card limit. If the agency wants to pay this payment via bank transfer, it can make a transfer to the TourBeds Global company account. TourBeds Global Accounting Department defines the money coming to your account as Limit to your Company Current Account. You can use the reservation payment within the defined limit by selecting the Current Account.

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