Private Antalya Airport Transfer to Side Hotels

Antalya Airport Transfer to Side Hotels

Antalya Airport (AYT), "Antalya Havalimani" in Turkish, is located 13 kilometres northeast of Antalya, and it is one of the largest international airports in Turkey. What is the best way to get from Antalya Airport to Side & Manavgat?
What is the Antalya Airport to Side transfer time?
How long does it take to get from Antalya Airport (AYT) to Side?
What is the most cost-effective way from Antalya Airport (AYT) to Side?
Can I get a taxi from Antalya Airport to Manavgat?
What is the Antalya Airport to Side distance?

If you have questions about your visit to Antalya, Side to Antalya Airport, and the services in Antalya Airport AYT, here you will find all the answers to your questions about the services from Airport AYT to Side and more! Learn complete details about your visit to Antalya and private transfer services from Antalya Airport. You will see important details about Antalya to Side and our private transfer options.
Please contact us about your needs for your booking from Antalya Airport transfer with antalyatransferto.com. Recommend our private transfer from Antalya Airport if you are satisfied with our services!

Travelling from Antalya Airport to Side

Do you want to know more about how to get from Antalya Airport to Side? Distance between Antalya and Side is 74 kilometres, an hour by car. There are not many affordable public transportation options. Some frequently used routes can be helpful for visitors. Private services are fast, and public transportation services are cheap. Private services offered by antalyatransferto.com can assure you of the most comfortable and safe journey. You can easily find various transfer options from AYT to Side. Some of the transportation are Antobus for buses, Antray for trains, shared shuttle (Havas, also named "Antalya Havalimanı Alanya Havaş" in Turkish), tour operators' buses, cabs and private cars. You might think that public transportation can be helpful, but it can be uncomfortable. You might choose to get an airport taxi for fast and easy service but will probably be overcharged because of traffic jams.

What would be the easiest way to get to Belek from Antalya Airport or Antalya Airport from Belek?
To know more about your journey, read the information about the transfers to Side.

Taxi from Antalya Airport

Do you want to learn the details about the taxi price from Antalya Airport to Side? You will see more information here for Antalya Airport to Side taxi costs. The taxi-meter costs vary from 10 TL to 12 TL per kilometre according to the 2023 airport taxi fare for Antalya Airport taxi. You can find airport taxis from Antalya Airport to Side city centre or from Side to Antalya Airport from the taxi stops in front of the terminals. It is 65 kilometres from AYT to Side, costing up to 1000 TL (50 euros). Prices start from 1000 TL and can rise depending on your hotel destination in Side.

In addition to this, on the road to the Side, you will have a long waiting time due to possible traffic. It takes an hour to get to Side. Depending on the heavy traffic, it can take longer. For the Side to Antalya taxi price, it can cost a little less depending on your pickup location. Taxi companies vary. Taxi drivers likely choose long routes to make the journey longer than usual to make it more expensive. antalyatransferto can assure you that taxi transfer is unreliable. The taxi driver generally chooses unusual routes to charge more. The distance from Antalya Airport to Side can get even longer with a taxi. We highly recommend our pre-booked services at antalyatransferto.com to arrive at your hotel in Side to have an affordable and safe service for transfers from Antalya Airport.

Tram from Antalya Airport to Side Hotels

You can't find a metro service In Antalya Airport. There are two lines in the AntRay tram: Airport Line and Expo Line. The Airport Line operates from Antalya Airport to Antalya city centre. The stations at the airport are in front of the International Terminal (T1) and the Domestic Terminal. The tram does not go to the 2nd International Terminal (T2). The other line is the Expo Line. It operates from Expo to Fatih station. You should take the other tram from an Airport Junction stop for direct access to the airport. Don't forget to get tram tickets from the automatic machines.

How to get Transfer from Antalya Airport to Side?

Private Transfer from Antalya Airport to Side To have a hassle-free drive to Belek, choose and pre-book our services from Antalya Airport. antalyatransferto.com transfer company offers a safe, on-time, flawless, smooth and fast journey from Side to Antalya Airport or from Antalya Airport to Side antalyatransferto.com worlds with the best transport companies around the country. We wish to give you the best service. Our all licensed, professional drivers will be working for your needs. We will ensure you arrive at your destination in Side on time with our private driver. Your transfer from the airport to your hotel in Side will be smooth and fast with English-speaking, polite, professional and helpful chauffeurs. Drivers will make your journey easy and comfortable.

You don't have to think about how long the journey will take and if your heavy luggage is safe. With our door-to-door private transfer service, you only need to sit and relax in your private car to relax your trip to Antalya. After a long flight, your journey from Antalya Airport to Side will be fast and easy. You will arrive at your hotel in Side just in time for your check-in. Complete your payment now with security with simple steps. You can pay with a credit card, Paypal and Apple Pay.
Make your Antalya Airport transfer booking online with antalyatransferto.com.

Antalya Airport Transfer to Side and Experience

Remember that you have a 100% refund and free cancellation for the last 48 hours. Please reach the 24/7 Whatsapp support line and decide your pickup time. Don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiries, suggestions, or questions about the Antalya Airport transfers. You can pick one of the private service options, including sedan, executive sedan, minivan, SUV, limo, or minibus. If there is any extra service, please share it with your driver in the notes section so we can prepare it. Contact us for end-to-end secure Antalya Airport transfers at the best prices at antalyatransferto.com. Don't think twice about having a great travel experience with Antalya Airport transfers! As antalyatransferto.com, we will make sure you have a good transfer experience from Antalya Airport to Side. You can be sure you will have a flawless, smooth, safe, time and fast journey. All licensed, professional, and friendly drivers will direct your visit to Antalya. Your driver will be waiting to pick you up, and we will provide you door to door services. Transfer to the Side is a lot easier with our private services. If satisfied with our private transfers, please recommend antalyatransferto.com to your friends!

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How to get from Antalya Airport to Side?
How much is a taxi from Antalya Airport to Side?
How long is the transfer from Antalya Airport to Side?
How do I get from Antalya Airport to the Side?
How to get a bus from Antalya Airport?
How much is a taxi from Side to Antalya?
How much is a bus from Antalya Airport?
How far are Side and Manavgat from Antalya Airport?
Can you get a bus from Side to Antalya?
How much is a bus from Antalya Airport?
What is the best way to get from Antalya Airport to Side and Manavgat?
How long does it take to get from Antalya Airport (AYT) to Side?
From Antalya Airport (AYT) to Side, it takes an hour by car and almost three hours by bus.

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