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In order to reserve Hotels for your customers on the B2B Portal, you must become a member of the portal and log in with the user you will obtain from the IT Support department. You can then go to the Hotel section,You can search and complete the reservation by typing the City and Region or Hotel name and determining the Entry-Exit date..

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What is B2B and what does it mean?
B2B, meaning Business to Business in English, is the name given to marketing or sales practices between companies. It refers to the exchange of goods or services between companies and companies via e-commerce. In the B2B e-commerce model, both buyers and sellers consist of companies.

Which Cities and Regions Does TourBeds Global Hotel Reservation Portal Cover?
On the TourBeds Global Portal, you can instantly make reservations for accommodation facilities in any country, city or region your customer wishes. Regardless of whether it is an apart hotel or a 5-star hotel, you can make a reservation for a facility that suits your customer's budget and give the customer the hotel entrance voucher.

Which Nationality and Passport Holder Can We Make a Hotel Reservation With TourBeds Global Hotel Reservation Portal?
Reservations must be made on the TourBeds Global Portal according to the ID or passport nationality that your Customer will present when checking in to the hotel. TourBeds Global Portal has nationalities to cover 253 nationalities. Some hotels give prices according to nationality. For example, while a 5-star hotel in Antalya charges different prices for German guests, it applies different prices for Russian, Turkish or Arab guests. For this, we must choose the nationality according to the customer's passport, otherwise the customer will either have trouble entering the hotel or the price difference will be charged to the customer based on nationality.

How Many Types of Accommodation Facilities or Hotels Are Available in the TourBeds Global Portal?
There are seven (7) types of Accommodations on the TourBeds Global Portal.
These are: Apart Hotel, 1 Star Hotel, 2 Star Hotel, 3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel, 5 Star Hotel and Boutique Hotels.
After searching on the portal, you can easily find the hotel that meets your desired criteria by filtering on the left.

How Many Types of Rooms Are There in the Hotel Section on the TourBeds Global Portal?
Hotels may have more room types depending on their size. For example, in a 5 Star hotel by the Sea and Mountains, the following room types are available:
1- Club room with Land View,
2- Club Room with Mountain View,
3- Standard Room with Mountain View,
4- Standard Room with Side Sea View,
5- Standard Room with Sea View,
6- Deluxe Sea View,
7- Suite rooms
8- Family Rooms and other rooms are available.

How many types of services and meals are available in the hotel section of the TourBeds Global Portal?
The types of services offered by hotels may vary depending on the region they are located in. For example, while hotels in the city generally only serve breakfast, a hotel located far from the city provides full service (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) since it is difficult to find food nearby.
We have written some of the services and their description below;
1- BB : Bed and breakfast - Only breakfast is included.
2- HB : Half Board - Breakfast + Dinner included.
3- FB : Full Board - Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner is included.
4- ALL : All Inclusive - Food and drinks are free from 06:00 in the morning to 23:00 at night
5- UAI : Ultra All Inclusive 24 Hours free food and drink
Some chain hotels add something of their own and produce services under other names.

We have close cooperation with Tourism Agencies and Tour Operators. If you want to charter a flight or reserve a Guarantee room in a hotel, you can contact us.

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